Image by Alex G’s mission is to allow women to embrace their own unique assets through makeup education, styling advice, and promotion of self-love. Through weekly blogs and videos, Alex G will share her experience and techniques to aid you in enhancing your image.

Since childhood, Alexandra Garrett has had an eye for detail when it comes to her personal image. With her love of fashion, she modeled in a few fashion shows, and then made her way to directing marketing for fashion shows. It wasn’t until she was asked to help a friend put together an outfit for a party that she realized styling was her niche. Alexandra believes anyone can find their style identity by answering this question: “How do you want to present yourself to the world?” Whatever your answer, she will aid you in letting the world know who you are through clothes!

As a professional makeup artist/specialist, Alexandra prides herself on her natural and growing skills in the art of makeup. Since 2010, she has always had a makeup brush in one hand and a makeup book in the other, learning and teaching herself new techniques and bettering her skills in makeup artistry. Sharing her skills with CEOs, brides, actresses, the list goes on,  Alexandra is always looking for new ways to integrate techniques that make women feel and look good!



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