Closet Chronicles: Fashion to Figure

I am all about a good fit and comfort when it comes to my style, and Fashion to Figure never fails my aesthetic.

Top: Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure is one of the stores that I can’t live without. They have everything a woman with curves could want. From body con dresses and skirt to trendy swimsuits, they are exclusively detailed in what looks good on a woman with a figure.

Top: Fashion to Figure
Jeans: Fashion to Figure

In my small F.T.F.  (Fashion to Figure) collection, I had to add the skinny jean to my assemblage and a chic deep-v top.

The fit of the jean is perfect, and it doesn’t gap around my waist. The best part about the jeans is that they don’t shift when I walk long distances.

Top: Fashion to Figure

The deep v top is perfect for revealing a little sex appeal, and the horizontal stripe gives off the appearance of being smaller and taller.

Fashion to Figure keeps me casually chic and helps me look effortless every day! Check out their newest pieces today!

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