Welcome to Image by Alex G

It is my life's duty to present your brand's story with carefully crafted photography through functioning, cohesive, and beautiful brand stories via photography and makeup artistry. With in-depth one-on-one interaction and creative strategy, Image by Alex G will help you share your personal image and your brand's story with confidence and vibrant photography!    


Image by Alex G specializes in makeup artistry, photography, and styling. As your branding photographer, my goal is to capture genuine moments that will help your business grow. I love working with people in all sorts of settings and backgrounds that capture their unique brand story.


Need help in elevating your look for work or play? Every week, I will share my expert advice on how you can elevate your looks for work or play with simple tips and tricks.  

Top 5 Affordable Products For Your Natural Hair

My mother has always taught me to embrace and love my natural hair. However, I had to figure out that loving your hair meant taking care of it with good products. Here are my top five affordable products that I insist every natural girl should try! Cantu Great for everyday leave-in conditioners! Jane Carter Solution I [...]

The Best SPFs For Your Summer Skin

Healthy skin is the most important essential in perfecting any makeup application. Drinking lots of water and getting up to 8 hours of sleep is good to do. However, you need to protect the skin on your face with an SPF throughout the day. During the summer, the sun is harsh on the skin from [...]

Simple Date Ideas

Dating can be mind boggling, especially when figuring out what to wear. I believe being your true self through your clothing leaves a great first impression. On my first date with my fiancé, I wore a t-shirt, jeans, flats, and a mid-waist trench coat... and my afro was on fleek! Anyway, he appreciated that I [...]

Killer Swimsuits For Your Curvy Shape

This summer is all about chilling on the beach and vacationing! People plan days and sometimes months ahead at what they are going to wear to their summer destination. However, not everyone chooses the right swimwear to enhance their features, and that can ruin everything!  I've learned, through my own experience, about how important it is [...]

Dressed In Dresses

I don't know about you, but I love dresses! I love dresses that are trendy, yet original. I love dresses that are comfortable, form-fitting, but not too tight. Here are three of my favorite dresses that I will be wearing this spring and summer. Cream Color  I found this designer dress at my local thrift [...]

Welcoming Spring In White

Spring is here, and I can finally rock the color white to welcome the season... Here on the East Coast, however, it has felt like a mixture of all the seasons within the same week! It has been hard to figure out what to wear because you don't know if it will be 70 degrees or  20 [...]

Style Inspiration | Leopard Print

I am an advocate for anything leopard print! From skirts, tops, socks, etc I just want it all! Today, I am focusing on my leopard print accessories! They add character to your looks without looking distasteful. A Night On The Town Being a fan of black clothing (especially after gaining a few unwanted pounds), I [...]